Occupational Therapy Week Australia

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This week is Occupational Therapy (OT) Week.

Have you ever wandered what an OT does or how an OT can help you?

As OTs we try to help you carry out every day activities at home independently and as safely as possible. We can also help with how you manage to cope with activities outside of your home eg how you get to the shops.

How do we do this?

To find out how you are coping at home with carrying out everyday activities we first of all need to visit you (and your carers) at home to carry out an assessment. Basically what we do is to ask you lots of questions about how you are managing at home and we might ask you to show us how you are managing for example if you tell us you are having problems getting in and out of bed we might ask you to show us so that we get a better idea of what we could suggest to make things easier for you.

What activities can an OT help with at home?

OTs can help with advice on how to manage many activities of daily living at home and where appropriate may be able to recommend funding support to contribute to the provision of essential equipment and home modifications. Common areas in which OT are asked to help include:

  • Difficulties getting in and out of the shower,
  • Difficulties getting on and off the toilet,
  • Difficulty getting on and off chairs,
  • Difficulty managing steps around the home,
  • Difficulty moving around your home or outside your home,
  • Difficulty managing cooking and housework activities.

These are just a few of the many activities of daily living which an OT may be able to help with. If you think an OT may be able to help you then you can contact the intake team on 8734 1400 to make a referral or you can ask your GP or other other health professional to make a referral.

In the next few weeks we will provide more details of ways in which an OT may be able to help you at home.

IPC Health provides occupational therapy services, if you would like to know more please contact client services on 9216 7777